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Alexandrian Legacy: A Critical Appraisal
Description: This volume brings together contributions exploring a range of aspects of the Alexan..
Cappadocian Legacy: A Critical Appraisal
Cappadocian Legacy: A Critical Appraisal reunites twenty-two articles from fourteen scholars, Aus..
Counsels on the Spiritual Life, Volumes One and Two: Mark the Monk
Popular Patristics Series Volume 37 The spiritual counsels of Mark, a fifth century monk of A..
Divine Eros
Popular Patristics Series Volume 40 Symeon the New Theologian was a 10th century Greek monk a..
Festal Orations
  In the Orthodox Church St Gregory of Nazianzus (ca. 329 - ca. 390) is known as th..
Four Desert Fathers: Pambo, Evagrius, Macarius of Egypt & Macarius of Alexandria
Popular Patristics Series Volume 27 The four desert Fathers who gave their names to this volu..
Harp of Glory: Enzira Sebhat
Popular Patristics Series Volume 39 Harp of Glory is a major hymn sounding the praises o..
Hymns of Repentance: Saint Romanos the Melodist
Popular Patristics Series Volume 61   St Romanos the Melodist composed many hymns in..
Hymns on Paradise: St. Ephrem the Syrian
Popular Patristics Series Volume 10 In his cycle of 15 Hymns on Paradise, St. Ephrem the Syri..
Letters from the Desert: Barsanuphrius and John
Popular Patristics Series Volume 26 Two monastic elders - the "Great Old Man" Barsanuphius, a..
On Ascetical Life: St. Isaac of Nineveh
Popular Patristics Series St Isaac of Ninevah produced a monastic anthropology that has been ..
On Christian Doctrine and Practice: St. Basil the Great
Popular Patristics Series Volume 47   As a priest and then bishop, Basil of Caesarea..
On Christian Ethics: St. Basil the Great
Popular Patristics Series Volume 51   St. Basil was a towering figure in the fourth-..
On God and Man: The Theological Poetry of St. Gregory of Nazianzus
Popular Patristics Series Volume 21 St. Gregory of Nazianzus is one of the most open and self..
On Marriage & Family Life
  Christian tradition often seems to give only grudging approval to the married life, pa..
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