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2021 Pocket Diary
2021 Pocket Diary ..
Anastasimatarion / Αναστασιματάριον - Ιωάννου Προτοψάλτου - ΖΩΗΣ Publication
Anastasimatarion / Αναστασιματάριον Ιωάννου Πρωτοψἀλτου - ΖΩΗΣ Publication   ..
Book of Prayers: A Selection for Orthodox Christians
Biblingual prayer book in Greek and English. Includes: Morning and Evening Prayers ..
Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music: Chanting in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition. 2nd Edition by Basilios Psilacos
" is an essential textbook for English speaking students of Byzantine chant or Byzantine mus..
Cappadocian Legacy: A Critical Appraisal
Cappadocian Legacy: A Critical Appraisal reunites twenty-two articles from fourteen scholars, Aus..
Christ in Eastern Christian Thought
This major study of Byzantine Christology is at the same time a study of the Orthodox understandi..
Church as Communion
  Kariatlis depicts a fascinating history of the Christian Church, which includes, ..
Counsels on the Spiritual Life, Volumes One and Two: Mark the Monk
Popular Patristics Series Volume 37 The spiritual counsels of Mark, a fifth century monk of A..
Divine Eros
Popular Patristics Series Volume 40 Symeon the New Theologian was a 10th century Greek monk a..
Divine Liturgy
The Divine Liturgy of our father among the saints John Chrysostom. Translated by a special c..
Divine Liturgy (large format)
The Divine Liturgy of our father among the saints John Chrysostom. Translated by a special c..
Egolpion anagnostou kai psaltou / Eγκόλπιον αναγνώστου και ψάλτου
Liturgical services ..
Faith Healing in Late Byzantium
Includes bibliographical references and index. Includes Greek text and English translation of: Lo..
Festal Orations
  In the Orthodox Church St Gregory of Nazianzus (ca. 329 - ca. 390) is known as th..
Four Desert Fathers: Pambo, Evagrius, Macarius of Egypt & Macarius of Alexandria
Popular Patristics Series Volume 27 The four desert Fathers who gave their names to this volu..
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