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Catholicity and the Church
  "Catholicity"--the whole truth, the fullness of life and the universality of salvation..
Challenges and Opportunities: The Church in Her Mission to the World
The global presence of Orthodoxy makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the Church top retrea..
Christ in Eastern Christian Thought
This major study of Byzantine Christology is at the same time a study of the Orthodox understandi..
Christ is in Our Midst
  Mankind has become so earthbound! People have quite forgotten that this life of ours i..
Church as a Communion
  Kariatlis depicts a fascinating history of the Christian Church, which includes, ..
Confession of Faith by St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite
In his Confession of Faith, written just two years before his blessed repose, St. Nikodemos the H..
Deification in Christ
  The Church Fathers asserted that man's true greatness is to be found in the fact that ..
Divine Eros
Symeon the New Theologian was a Tenth-Century Greek monk and ascetic writer. Among his writings, ..
Divine Liturgy
The Divine Liturgy of our father among the saints John Chrysostom. Translated by a special c..
Divine Liturgy (large format)
The Divine Liturgy of our father among the saints John Chrysostom. Translated by a special c..
Ecclesiasticus II
Ecclesiasticus II ..
Egolpion anagnostou kai psaltou / Eγκόλπιον αναγνώστου και ψάλτου
Liturgical services ..
Encouraged by the Scriptures
Contains the following essays by the author: 1. Christ the Life of the World 2. Orthodox B..
Episimoi Doxologiai megalon eorton / Επίσημοι δοξολογίαι μεγάλων εορτών επετείων και τελετών
Liturgical doxologies for major church feasts ..
Eucharist, Bishop, Church: The Unity of the Church in the Divine Eucharist and the Bishop During the First Three Centuries
Eucharist, Bishop, Church aims to define the relationship connecting the unity of the Church with..
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