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A Vanquished Hope
  A common assumption made by many historians of pre-Bolshevik Russia is that the Russia..
Byzantine Legacy in the Orthodox Church
  For more than a millennium the Byzantine Empire and its capital, Constantinople, guide..
Byzantine Theology: Historical Trends and Doctrinal Themes
"... every chapter of Byzantine Theology is a work of depth and excellence ... a well documented ..
Catholicity and the Church
  "Catholicity"--the whole truth, the fullness of life and the universality of salvation..
Christ in Eastern Christian Thought
This major study of Byzantine Christology is at the same time a study of the Orthodox understandi..
Christ is in Our Midst
  Mankind has become so earthbound! People have quite forgotten that this life of ours i..
Deification in Christ
  The Church Fathers asserted that man's true greatness is to be found in the fact that ..
Festal Orations
  In the Orthodox Church St Gregory of Nazianzus (ca. 329 - ca. 390) is known as th..
For the Life of the World
In For the Life of the World Alexander Schmemann suggests an approach to the world and ..
Formation and Struggles
  This study of the formation of the Church begins with the earliest Christian community..
Great Lent
  This revised edition of Father Alexander Schmemann's Lenten classic examines the meani..
Imperial Unity and Christian Divisions
Almost without exception, the "histories of the Church" available in print are, in fact, historie..
Lectures On the Christian Sacraments
These six Lectures on the Christian Sacraments were delivered in Jerusalem in the middle of the f..
Life in Christ
  The Life in Christ by Nicholas Cabasilas is a remarkable product of Byzantium's l..
Living Tradition
  Essays exploring the Orthodox understanding of Tradition and its relevance to our mode..
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